Our Palestine Fundraiser

Our Palestine Fundraiser

At Teutie Pie, we stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine and strongly oppose the ongoing occupation, displacement, dehumanisation and bombardment of the Palestinian people.

That's why we organised a fundraiser to help support charities working on the Palestinian cause. We pledged to donate 100% of the profits raised from the sales of our Keffiyeh and Palestine Flag bracelets to Medical Aid for Palestinians’ Gaza Emergency Fund.

This October, we released a Keffiyeh bracelet design with our take on the traditional Keffiyeh scarf pattern, a widespread symbol of Palestinian solidarity. We wanted to incorporate the three main design elements of the scarf: the fishnet, olive leaves and bold lines. All of which signify the abundance of the Palestinian land and sea.

You can read more on the history and symbolism of the keffiyeh scarf here.

Our Palestine flag bracelets made a return for yet another fundraiser - we had initially released the design to raise money for the Orphans In Need Emergency Gaza Fund, in response to the Gaza attacks of May 2021.

The response

Thanks to the power of TikTok, our video of the bracelets amassed over 160,000 views - allowing two restocks to sell out within two days! Watch the video here.

A word from Teuta, our maker:

“I am heartbroken by what is going on. It is truly saddening to be witnessing the devastation of the attacks on the Palestinian people. Now more than ever, people are turning their attention to what is happening. I am glad that I can provide people with a way to display their support for Palestine. Thank you to those who helped me raise funds for medical support for the Palestinians.”

We are pleased to announce that we raised £223.12! We hope this money helps in response to the current humanitarian crisis. Thank you to all those who purchased a bracelet and supported this fundraiser. You can head over to our Instagram highlights to see screenshots of this donation.

Although our fundraiser has come to a close, you can donate directly to Medical Aid for Palestinians and other charities.


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